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Zentek is always leading the pack in innovation.

The summer is here again, and Zentek has added even more innovative products. Six years ago, they developed and patented(# 7,793,619) the first dog coat, that REALLY did not slip in performance activity. It also just happened to take care of the dogs' greatest need.. their inability to regulate temperature and kept their musclesat peak [...]

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Style and cooling

Zentek is the only cooling product that does not look like medical gear. It is lightweight and can be worn even for dressy occasions. They use only the most advanced phase change materials, and eveything is machine washable.   They have been exclusive to the professional dog markets, from search and rescue to AKC Show [...]

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Cooling coat

The Zentek cool coat that has been used by the professional dog  handlers and sporting dog owners since 2007., is now selling to pet owners. Beside keeping their dogs from overheating, their use of phase change materials, instead of water, also provides for better blood flow to the extremeties . A phase change material is [...]

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Zentek mats as emergency blankets

More people are using the Zentek mats as emergency blankets in their cars. Originally designed for dogs in crates, owners found the benefits of packing a mat to protect children, pets or themselves from the temperature extremes. They are the go to item for anyone travelling with their show, sports dog, or pet, in airline [...]

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Presidents Day Sale 25% off until 2/19/13

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Zentek expanding to Japan

Zentek is pleased to annouce that Zentek products will now be available in Japan at Dog Agility Events . It is being sold by Atsuko Nagaseki, one of the top agility performers in the country.

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New thermal imaging of the Zentek vests

Now thermal imaging is on the Zentek web site, showing what everyone has been experiencing wearing the vests. The first image shows a man pressing his hand against the vest and the resulting heat absorption. This happens in only 10- 20 seconds.  The second set show the model  slowly waving the vest  in the air [...]

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Added benefits of zentek products

Designers at Zentek started out to design a garment to keep dogs from overheating. What they discovered about high tech fabrics now has helped people with autoimmune diseases. All have a component of not being able to regulate their body temperature. Now with their vest for humans, using the principles, patients with MS are more [...]

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Zentek Clothing

The highesty quality couture clothing is always very lightweight...Zentek understood this when creating it's active clothing line. Combining this with the latest in technical fabrics is what makes Zentek products so special and comfortable.

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Magic Vest

More amazing experiience with the Zentek vest. It was 33 F . I went out in my scull for a few hours of beautiful winter rowing.I wore a cotton long sleeved T shirt and my vest-- and leggings. It took a few minutes for my hands to warm up, so I could feel my fingers-- [...]

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