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New thermal imaging of the Zentek vests

Now thermal imaging is on the Zentek web site, showing what everyone has been experiencing wearing the vests. The first image shows a man pressing his hand against the vest and the resulting heat absorption. This happens in only 10- 20 seconds.  The second set show the model  slowly waving the vest  in the air [...]

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Added benefits of zentek products

Designers at Zentek started out to design a garment to keep dogs from overheating. What they discovered about high tech fabrics now has helped people with autoimmune diseases. All have a component of not being able to regulate their body temperature. Now with their vest for humans, using the principles, patients with MS are more [...]

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Zentek Clothing

The highesty quality couture clothing is always very lightweight...Zentek understood this when creating it's active clothing line. Combining this with the latest in technical fabrics is what makes Zentek products so special and comfortable.

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Magic Vest

More amazing experiience with the Zentek vest. It was 33 F . I went out in my scull for a few hours of beautiful winter rowing.I wore a cotton long sleeved T shirt and my vest-- and leggings. It took a few minutes for my hands to warm up, so I could feel my fingers-- [...]

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New uses for Zentek mats

Zentek crate mats (originally designed to keep dogs at a safe temperature in their crates) are being used many other ways. They are a must if shipping any animal air cargo. Used at sport games-- to sit on -- it's saved many an uncomfortable tush. Many have used on their car seats, especially leather seats [...]

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Zentek Drying coats?

Adding to the wonderful attributes of Zentek Dog coats, is the latest experience of a couple  doing agility with their dogs-- outside in the raining Northwest. Yes, agility people will do that. All the competitors put coats on their dogs after performing, but the Zentek coats DRIED their dog in less than an hour. And [...]

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New Zentek products

More new product from Zentek  for humans. A company that started in 2007 with top tech products for dogs, now is making more human products. Last year it was the first human vest. Now really appreciated by patients who suffer with MS.  Great for traveling  climate extremes .Then the tank for athletes. Then  people started [...]

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Private Sale

PLease note: Private sale discount is for dog coats and crate mats only

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Upcoming Calendar

Be sure to look for us at the Haute Dauge booth at the following dog shows: July 16-18, Carmel CA, Del Monte Kennel Club August 6-8   Western washington Hounds, Zentek Booth, Argus Ranch, Auburn WA August 19- 22 Greeley KC, Greeley CO August 26-29 Sammamish KC,Redmond WA September 9- 12, Eugene KC, Eugene OR October 12-17, USDAA CynoSport, Zentek Booth, [...]

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