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Find your comfort zone with a phase-change fabric vest from Zentek.

This vest features soft, lightweight phase-change fabric in your choice of fashionable colors, and is available in sizes XS to XL. Developed by NASA scientists for use in space suits, phase-change material (PCM) absorbs energy to cool the body when it's hot, then releases the stored energy as heat when the body gets cold.

Multiple zippered pockets ensure that you will always have what you need at hand. A large, convenient pocket on the right outer shell is divided into one small upper and one large lower compartment. A deep dove shelf pocket on the back provides ample storage for a water bottle or other supplies, and is stitched in the center to create two equal compartments. 

Garments made with Comfortemp® PCM fabric are less bulky than those made with traditional synthetic insulators and are both fashionable and funtional. They can be safely laundered when necessary and do not lose their effectiveness for ten years.Zentek garments are completely lined with ComforTemp PCM fabric. This is why they are being used by MS patients for temperature regulation.

Perfect For:

  • Travelling- Stay cool and comfortable throughout your journey, and use the large zippered pockets to hold all your important travel documents close to you.
  • Motorcycle Riding - Wear this vest under your leathers. In the summer an open vent circulates the heat away from your body. In the winter, close the vents on your leathers and trap the heat in close.
  • Hot Flashes - Wear this vest at night to combat the discomfort associated with hot flashes while sleeping.

Temperature Graph

* This vest acts as a heat sponge when in an environment hotter than 83°F. To discharge the heat, simply move or shake the garment to create greater airflow

Comfortemp Fabric

Comfortemp Fabric


Watch The video to learn more about this amazing technology used in Zentel Clothing for your Comfort!