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Zentek Cooling Kit

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  • Canine quick wrap
    Canine quick wrap
      Canine Quick Wrap Sizing Chart  Size        Under Chin/    Belly Length   Front & Back Strap   Circumference Extends to Small 12" 12" - 18 " ...

  • A thermo regulating pad that you use over your dogs crate mat. it will regulate the inside of the crate to 83F. For temperature over 90F , use a crate fan to blow out the excess heat.
    Cooling Pad with Smart Fabric.
    Zentek cooling  pads are lightweight, water-resistant and help to keep your dog comfortable, whatever the conditions. Our cooling pads are created of four layers of the highest technical smart  fabrics. Zentek has...

  • This #2 phase change pack  maintains a temperature of 58F, until fully melted..2-4 hours. it is used in the dog coats ( S-4- S10) , the Canine Quick Wrap and the Human vest.
    phase change cooling pack #2
     This is the phase change size used for the Canine quick wraps and the Human vest.. They are 6" inlength and 3" wide. This supercharges the cloth phase change our products are lined in, keeping them working at a lower...

  • These are 3, 3" X 2' cold packs.  They are used in the scarves, and can be ordered for extra packs in the small and medium Canine quick wraps.
    Phase change cooling packs #1
    This is a cold pack whose 'change' temperature is set at 58F. this means the temperature it is designed to maintain. Also the temperature it changes from liquid to solid state. This prevents freezer burn and from the muscles...

  • Save money ordering your cooling supplies together.
    Zentek Cooling Kit
    One Kit that gives you everything you need to keep your dog safe from the heat, in sizes Small to XL, from Yorkies to mastiffs. This is what professional dog owners use. The Canine Quick Wrap covers the most heat sensitive...

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