Magic Vest

28th Jan 2012

More amazing experiience with the Zentek vest. It was 33 F . I went out in my scull for a few hours of beautiful winter rowing.I wore a cotton long sleeved T shirt and my vest-- and leggings. It took … read more

New uses for Zentek mats

13th Jan 2012

Zentek crate mats (originally designed to keep dogs at a safe temperature in their crates) are being used many other ways. They are a must if shipping any animal air cargo. Used at sport games-- to si … read more

Zentek Drying coats?

9th Jan 2012

Adding to the wonderful attributes of Zentek Dog coats, is the latest experience of a couple  doing agility with their dogs-- outside in the raining Northwest. Yes, agility people will do that. A … read more

New Zentek products

8th Jan 2012

More new product from Zentek  for humans. A company that started in 2007 with top tech products for dogs, now is making more human products. Last year it was the first human vest. Now really appr … read more

Private Sale

8th Oct 2011

PLease note: Private sale discount is for dog coats and crate mats only