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Zentek Clothing: Your No. 1 People and Dog Clothing Store Online

Need a high-performance coat to keep your pup warm during winter? How about a lightweight, temperature-regulating mat? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. Zentek Clothing offers a collection of thermo-regulating designer dog clothes at great prices, which your canine companion can sport all year long. In addition to coats and cool wraps, we also offer other canine products like mats as well as clothing, activewear and outdoor gear for people. Browse through our online store to explore a wide selection of products that we design and manufacture to offer maximum comfort and functionality.

All our products are made from Comfortemp® fabric, which is a revolutionary temperature-controlling fabric that is lightweight and soft to the touch. This intelligent non-woven material provides great quality and comfort, and is an optimal solution for outerwear for both dogs and humans. It is integrated with mPCM or phase change materials, which can change their physical state according to change in temperature. This means that in spite of temperature fluctuations outdoor as well as indoor, Comfortemp® fabric maintains the wearing temperature within a comfortable range. We layer this fabric with other high-quality materials, which helps makes our products breathable and water-resistant....

Shop Big and Small Dog Clothes and Other Products

If you thought dog wearing clothes is just an adorable fashion statement, you couldn’t be more wrong. Dog coats are a necessity for most dog breeds, but especially for those with little fur and fat. Unlike humans, who need to pile on the layers once winter sets in, dogs have fur to keep them warm, some more than others. But in case of extremely low temperatures, the fur simply isn’t enough, more so when there is prolonged exposure. If your dog remains exposed to the cold for too long, it could have a negative impact on their physical health. And that means they could really benefit from the extra warmth and coziness that our dog coats are designed to provide. The best part about these coats are that, because they are equipped with Comfortemp® fabric, they will keep the temperature regulated, making sure that their body temperature remains within a desired zone. Zentek Clothing offers big and small dog apparel including dog coats, canine quick wraps, cooling kits, mats, and more.

Discover Premium-Quality Beddings, Blankets and Vests for People

Here, you can also shop for our people products, which includes our popular activewear vests, in addition to an array of outdoor gear, including camping products like sleeping bags and outdoor blankets. All our products feature Comfortemp® fabric, which allows you to experience a comfortable temperature regardless of surrounding temperature changes.

Our activewear vests, which can be worn all through the year, can warm you up as well as cool you down, which means you get dual protection from just one material. Available in different colors, these vests are fashionable, functional and incredibly versatile. They are also quite lightweight, especially in comparison to those made from traditional synthetic insulators. You can wear them while you travel, hike, bike, boat, jog or ride your motorcycle. They are perfect for everything!

You can shop for camping blankets and sleeping bags, that will keep you warm when the temperature dips and when you start to warm up, they will provide relief by absorbing the heat. We also offer fleece blankets and cooling masks.

Browse through our online store to discover more products.

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