4 Ways To Keep Your Pet Dog Safe From The Summer Heat

Posted by Janice Kajanoff on 1st Apr 2021

Our furry friends at home make life so much more wonderful. Having them doesn’t only mean merely playing with them but also taking care of them daily. In winters, their fur protects them from the cool and windy weather. But, what about the summers? Just like us humans, they need to have heat protection too. We tend to switch from woolen to cotton clothes. Similarly, dogs need something that keeps them cool during the warm months. For them, it can be uncomfortable being exposed to extreme heat or cold.

If you look out there, you’ll find plenty of options for your furry friend to stay comfortable during the warm weather. One of the best things you can get for them is dog winter clothes – a good start to dealing with the harsh heat. Taking precautionary measures this season is a must. Here’s what you can do—

Put cool clothes on them.

Dogs, especially when they’re old, are prone to heatstroke. To avoid any such incidents, consider adding a cool k9 dog cooling jacket to their things. The cool wrap will keep your dog comfortable during the peak summers. Besides, this will eliminate any risk of heat affecting your pet’s health at all times. To purchase a cooling jacket for dogs, explore the optimal range available at Zentek clothing. Dog winter clothes are designed to keep the body temperature according to the outer weather conditions.

Panting paws with water.

When you take your dog for a walk, even the concrete can make them feel burnt through the heat. This is one of the sources where they can get really hot. It also increases their entire body temperature. So, no matter how many times you take them outdoors, make sure you moisten their paws by either spraying water or using a towel. It makes a huge difference in how they feel once you apply water to their paws and stomach. This way, you can reduce the risk of overheating and be ensured that they are cool all the time. Another plus point is that cleaning their paws can help get rid of all the dirt, dust, bacteria, and parasites that get into their fur and paws while on a walk. So, not only are they free from heat, but your house will also be protected from outer pollutants.

Avoid keeping them in parked cars.

Leaving your dog in a parked car is a dangerous practice. A closed car tends to contain heat which increases the temperature of the overall interiors of the vehicle. This can be terrible for a dog; leading to overheating and other possible issues.

Allow your dog to rest under the shade.

One of the easiest ways to keep your dog cool during the day is by providing them with an area that has sufficient shade and air-conditioning. Not only will it help them feel comfortable but also maintain a better physical condition.

If you notice indicative signs of hot temperature like excessive water consumption, red eyes, lethargy, and so on, get in touch with a veterinarian. Grab the necessary dog winter clothes from us and get your dog ready for this summer season.