Zentek Innovations for Crazy Weather

22nd Sep 2013

September 20, 2013 at 2:34pm We have been working with phase change materials since 2007. The most common place , you find them, is in shipping perishable goods.. such as human organ transplants … read more
Zentek mats as emergency blankets

Zentek mats as emergency blankets

Posted by J Kajanoff on 18th Feb 2013

More people are using the Zentek mats as emergency blankets in their cars. Originally designed for dogs in crates, owners found the benefits of packing a mat to protect children, pets or themselves fr … read more

Added benefits of zentek products

8th Feb 2012

Designers at Zentek started out to design a garment to keep dogs from overheating. What they discovered about high tech fabrics now has helped people with autoimmune diseases. All have a component of … read more