Zentek is always leading the pack in innovation.

Posted by J K on 24th May 2013

The summer is here again, and Zentek has added even more innovative products. Six years ago, they developed and patented(# 7,793,619) the first dog coat, that REALLY did not slip in performance activity. It also just happened to take care of the dogs' greatest need.. their inability to regulate temperature and kept their musclesat peak performance.They sold only to the show, sport and performance dogs. As with any great company, they seem to distill what works, and make it better and simpler.

 This summer ( 2013), they created a cooling wrap, that cools only the under belly of the dog. It looks kind of strange, but knowing their reputation, I took another look. Its true that when my dog is hot, he lays on cool tile or concrete, or grass... with his belly. He doesn't roll over on his back. Their explanation makes sense.I just wouldn't have thought of it. When we put cold on our muscles, or the blood vessels, they restrict. There is less blood going to the muscle.. In some cases this is  used to stop inflammation or swelling.

 On a dog, the chest cavity is what needs to be cooled.( Their hearts are up higher.. behind the left front shoulder.) The chest is where the larger vessels and liquids are concentrated. If you cool here, then the cooled blood and liquids, circulates the hot body.. picking up the heat. If you put cold packs on the back  leg muscles and blood vessels ,  the muscles are tight, and the blood vessels restricted. This does not permit maximum performance, and increases injuries.Smaller blood vessels carry less blood and  therefore less heat.

To take care of the needs of dogs in 100F plus temperature, they added a place for a cool pack..or I suppose a warming pack for the winter. The pocket extends the whole length of the garment, front to back... on the under belly..Simple and effective. I questioned this, as for years they have been using a phase change material set to hold 83F. Their explanation was that it gives the owner some more control. if the dog has already overheated.  All products are  still lined in the 83 F fabric, but in an emergency,the 58F can pull the heat off quickly. 

I talked to some of the dog show massage therapists.. yes they have them..They do not want the owners to put anything cold on the dogs' muscles. But they praised the Zentek products. They claim the product holds in their massage work. If they muscle gets too warm or too cold, their work is lost.