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Looking to keep your dog cool throughout summer but also warm during the winter? Looking for the perfect outerwear for your canine companion? Then check out our selection of warming and cooling gear for dogs. Whether you need winter clothes for your dog or wraps to cool them down during summer, Zentek offers a collection of high-quality dog coats and mats at highly affordable prices. Browse through our selection of products to take your pick from cooling wraps and coats that are designed to protect your dog from overheating during the warmer season and keep them warm and cozy during the colder months. Our products are made using Comfortemp® Phase-Change Fabric, which is able to maintain the dog’s body temperature at an optimal range, making it some of the best warming and cooling gear for dogs available.

Now suit up your pup and take them out in all kinds of weather conditions with our coats. Although some dog breeds are better suited to endure the hot and cold climates, others can benefit from wearing outerwear that allows them to remain warm or cool, no matter the temperature outside. Zentek’s collection of coats are designed to offer your dog the comfort they need when the temperature constantly fluctuates. Our coats, in addition to all the other gear that you use like leash and reflective collar, are a crucial part of any pet parent’s all-weather essentials.

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You can keep your dog safe from the heat with Zentek’s Canine Cool Wraps. We have created these snug-fitting wraps using the latest cooling technology, which helps keep your dog’s core temperature even, thus preventing overheating. This helps make sure that your pooch remains comfortable in all kinds of environments. The wraps cover the chest of the dog, ensuring effective cooling. They are lightweight and durable. They come with adjustable fur-resistant velcro straps, which makes them easy to put on and take off. They also stay in place no matter how much your dog plays or jumps around. Our K9 sports coats can also be worn during the winter as they are layered with phase-change fabric, which allows them to adjust according to the change in temperature. Zentek’s coats are probably the only coats you will need for your dog because they can be used all through the year.

K9 Coats and Mats at the Best Prices

Our premium-quality dog coats and wraps will fit your pup seamlessly and will, in no way, restrict their movement or affect their normal behavior in any manner. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, our collection of coats and cool wraps makes it easy for you to find the most appropriate option for your dog without a hassle. While the sizes of the canine cool wraps range from small to extra-large, the K9 sports coats are available in an even wider variety of sizes and variations. Browse through our store to discover all that we have to offer.