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Sleeping Bag by Zentek

When you go camping, finding the right sleeping bag is key, because only when you have a sleeping bag that is perfect for you are you able to sleep soundly and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Whether you plan to sleep under the stars or in a tent, at Zentek, you will be able to find the best sleeping bag. While most sleeping bags are suitable for only one season, our bags have been designed to work all through the year, regardless of the temperature outside. We use the latest in fabric technology to create sleeping bags that self-regulate their temperature in response to changes in surrounding temperature. These thermal sleeping bags are lined with Comfortemp fabric, which is a smart non-woven fabric that contains phase change materials. Phase change materials are substances that absorb and release thermal energy when they change their state. This means that when you use our sleeping bag during the warmer weather, it will absorb your excess body heat, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable, and when the temperature drops, it will release that heat, thus keeping you warm. This helps maintain your body temperature at an optimal level, preventing you from freezing or overheating.

The bags are lightweight, washable and waterproof. They can also be unzipped if you wish to use them as a blanket instead. These sleeping bags are the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a simple and convenient solution to the problems that you may face when you sleep in a camp. They are perfect for all seasons, which means you don’t have to buy a separate sleeping bag each for summer, winter, fall or spring. You get the benefits of a cold and a hot sleeping bag in one! They are also great for traveling as you can easily pack them into small bags and carry them in your backpack or luggage. Zentek is your one-stop shop for sleeping bags that offer the ultimate levels of comfort and functionality.

Find your comfort zone with Zentek Clothing Products!

Smart Performance Wear

Zentek uses the latest in fabric technology, by lining garments with Comfortemp® PCM fabrics,

that activate to surrounding temperature changes.

Creating lightweight and fashionable  Temperature Regulating Products.



NEW!! State of the Art Sleeping Bag!

This will change the way to camp!

Extend your season!

Full two way Zipper - Can unzip to use as a blanket

79" long by 58" wide

Mesh pocket with zipper for wallet, phone & valuables  9"X 10"

4 lbs






Garments made with Comfortemp® PCM fabric are less bulky than those made with traditional synthetic insulators and are both fashionable and functional. They can be safely laundered when necessary and do not lose their effectiveness. 


The bags are completely lined in the highest quality phase change material available.  If washed and dried cool, we have found this material to last 10 plus years. By using a two step thermal regulating system, we have achieved comfort at outside temperature, from -20 F to 100F.

Developed by NASA scientists for use in space suits, phase-change technology (PCM) absorbs energy to cool the body when it's hot, then releases the stored energy as heat when the body gets cold. Creating the perfect outdoor enthusiasts must have gear!