"Mumbles has worked every day this winter in his Zentek coat, herding sheep on my farm. It's great when it rains, as he doesn't get wet and cold, and in the winter he builds up nice body heat beneath the coat! Yes, I really like how the coat works on him. I honestly didn't really think that the thin layer would keep him warm, but it really does. It's been really cold and windy here and he's out all day in it working. It is hard not to miss him either! *GRIN* I think I have had it on him since I got it back in November. The weather turned just after I got it. He doesn't have a lot of body fat and he was always shivering, I haven't seen him do it yet this year. I am outside teaching lessons all day 3-4 times a week and he isn't wasting lots of energy by shivering! Thanks so much for making these available!"


Jean Barrett, Derby, NY


"Placing the coat just draped over my dog, working in humid 85F weather in Florida, Run after run as we advanced in the competition, I hoped it would help her stay cool and able to run longer. She was panting and looked warm after, so as habit I started to head over to the water pools and sprayers to wet her down…but stopped and checked her temp first….101.3F…NORMAL!!!!! I guess the coat worked and no need to get her all wet!!!

First testing my dogs temp without the coat, I exercised my dog in 75F outside temp, for about 10-15 mins, and checked her temp after her session, she was 108.1F !!!! Very dangerous and I was very concerned!! She looked the same, panting, at 101F Normal Temp!! How close had she been to overheating in the past? AND it was fairly cool outside. Tested WITH the coat in way warmer weather, 96F outside…10-15 mins… Checked her temp after session… never went above 103-104F!!!!!

This coat will SAVE LIVES! The coat is easy to swim in too! My dogs sleep in them when in cool weather, they work great for raincoats, and they work great to play disc in!! The coats do not slip and slide on the dogs body, the lycra inserts allow free movement of the front legs, and so lightweight, even my ‘non-coat’ dog was happy to play in the coat!

I can’t say enough about the coat –it is the ONLY coat you’ll need!"


Cassi Anderson | Olympic Disc Dogs, Seattle, WA


"Having a blast!!! Mount Hood was gorgeous! And the coat performed great. It worked really well to have a harness on top of it. And I really think the coat helps Chiva “last longer” in cold, windy conditions. I was very happy with it.

It has been getting very cold at night when we camp, and I know she is happier in it. This week alone we have dealt with hail, snow, ice rain, and so on. Pretty crazy!!! But I love it!"


Dave Sylvester


"The coat is stunning! The material feels great, the way it’s made and the design is unbelievable! Love the hoodie! I couldn’t wait to get home and put it on Hera.

We went for a walk and it actually stayed in its place! Normally they always hang down on one side. She felt comfortable wearing it which she normally isn’t. I like the velcro at the top, so the tummy stays dry and I don’t get dirty hands when I undo it.

I also like that the chest strap is to be closed behind the ribcage. Hera hasn’t really got a deep chest but a very round one and wearing a normal coat which closes around the ribcage makes her feel uncomfortable and she cannot sit. The design is so nice, not just practical but also pretty with the different coloured inserts.

At first I was uncertain if I should purchase the coat. Quite expensive for a promise,but well, you’ve exceeded my expectations. I am very happy and so is Hera. Hera feels comfortable to sleep in her coat.This morning was the 1st morning where she wasn’t stiff and the first morning in a long time where I actually had to go and wake her up! Thank you, Janice!"




"Ozzie and I were in Oklahoma City for the holidays. We had 14″ of snow. Ozzie boy was VERY happy to use his jacket! Hope your New Year is a good one!"




"I purchased the most amazing Zentek coat for my Italian Greyhound (IG). It’s totally fashionable, lightweight, functional and made by a Seattle company. My IG has a lot of coats but they were always lacking something (and he hated wearing them despite the fact he totally needs one in the winter.) He plays frisbee in the coat and loves to strut around Ballard in it (okay maybe I like to strut him around Ballard in it!) The thing I have found the most amusing is the comments his coat gets from guys... at least ten have commented on what a cool coat it is. The coats are sold through the web and at a few local retailers. Highly recommend it and am planning on buying another one in a different color."


Liz Day


"Keeping my Northwest doggy dry hasn’t always been easy, but my first impression of the Zentek coat was how amazingly well it’s constructed. My little Bichon has tons of curls and tail feathers, and he couldn’t be happier running round in his new coat. Now all I need is a coat for myself to match!"


Janine Johnson


"Hannah ran agility class for the second time today in her zentek coat. Temp outside was 29C (just over 84F), humid and sunny. Our main agility coordinator attended the class as one of the students. She has seen the heat related issues I have had with Hannah - running to the shade instead of doing her course, refusing jumps, running very slow, etc. She is familiar with the zentek crate pads but had not seen the jackets.

Hannah ran 3 short courses, 2 medium length ones, and one full course over the length of an hour. The difference in her response today versus her non-zentek coat days was noted by the agility coordinator. No running to the shade and quitting. She was even pretty quick on her last run which was the full length course. The coordinator commented that Hannah ran much better and when she stuck her hand under the jacket was surprised to note the dog was not hot underneath the coat. She also commented on the front shoulder material and the way the jacket is designed to allow the dog to move freely. Now she too is intrigued by this jacket.

Sorry I can't speak to Hannah's actual temperature - she is not a fan of having her temp taken and though I have checked in home practices (and found the jacket to work) I have not been checking when on a full agility course so as to keep her experience and attitude towards competition positive! Have to admit I was skeptical at first but seeing this jacket in action I am getting more and more convinced that it works!"


Jane M