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Zentek’s Active Wear Vest

If you want one piece of outerwear that is equipped with an assortment of features like temperature regulation, fashionable design and abundant storage, Zentek has the best cooling vest for you. Made using PCM materials combined with other premium-quality fabrics, our jackets are functional, fashionable and incredibly durable.

Perfect For:  Everything!

  • Travel

  • Motorcycle Riding

  • Hot Flashes

  • Hiking

  • Biking

  • Jogging

  • Boating

  • Horseback Riding

  • Medical


  • The vests are completely lined in the highest quality phase change material available.  Phase change materials (PCM) are substances that can absorb and release latent heat when their physical state goes through a change. When mixed with other insulating materials and fabrics, PCMs offer a thermal regulating function, as evident in our active vests. Our active wear vests are designed to keep the core temperature of the wearer at an optimum level. This prevents the body from heating up or cooling down too much.  PCM also ensures temperature regulation when there is constant fluctuation in environmental conditions. 

  • LIGHTWEIGHT! Zentek vests are less bulky than those made with traditional synthetic insulators and are both fashionable and functional. This garment weighs 16-25 ounces, depending on size. You can easily layer it over your other clothes without your outfit looking overly voluminous. This also makes it easier for you to carry it when you travel, as it doesn’t take much space.

  • Never wears out! Always ready to use! They can be safely laundered when necessary and do not lose their effectiveness. What does this mean? You can easily wear our active vests when you go out on a jog or a hike or take a ride on your motorcycle, without having to worry about it getting damaged. 

  • This active cooling vest features soft, nylon Taslan fabric in your choice of fashionable colors, and is available in sizes XS to 2XL. Taslan is a modern, high-tech fabric that is used to create activewear. It is quick drying and is able to wick away moisture efficiently, making sure that you don’t get too sweaty even when you are indulging in the most strenuous outdoor activities.

  • POCKETS! This vest features two front zippered pockets on each side, plus two more patch pockets. Originally designed for dog trainers, it is now used for traveling, and medical needs. You will always have what you need at hand. A large, convenient pocket on both sides of the outer shell is divided into one small upper and one large lower compartment. A deep dove shelf pocket on the back provides ample storage for a water bottle or other supplies, and is stitched in the center to create two equal compartments. 

  • Developed by NASA scientists for use in space suits, phase-change technology (PCM) absorbs energy to cool the body when it's hot, then releases the stored energy as heat when the body gets cold. Creating the perfect-must have gear for outdoor enthusiasts!

  • This vest acts as a heat sponge when in an environment hotter than 83°F. To discharge the heat, simply move or shake the garment to create greater airflow.

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  • 5
    Travel and handlers vest

    Posted by Carol Pyrkosz on 17th Jan 2024

    All I can say is wow!! We have had a very cold snap in Tennessee it’s been Zero-10 degrees out. My core is so warm and I’ve been working outside! The temperature control in this is wonderful. It cools when I get hot and so cozy. I’ll have this on when I take my next plane trip. Also Must get for dogs!!

  • 5
    Travelers vest

    Posted by Carol Pyrkosz on 13th Jan 2024

    Got it yesterday. This vest fits perfectly!! The blingy yoke is cute, and this one won’t get lost in my closet!! I had to take the rv to get propane and dump the tanks this morning and was glad that I had it on. Zipper pocket is perfect to have my car keys on me all the time without being in the way or getting lost. It’s getting colder outside this weekend and I’ll be wearing this 24/7. I like all of the pocket space and ease of wear. Definitely a useful piece of outerwear. Communication with customer service was easy and my purchasing experience was great

  • 5
    New vests

    Posted by Chris Edmark on 26th Dec 2023

    As an owner of five vests. I love them. So essential when I train and am at trials for both the regulating of my body temp and the pockets available.

  • 5
    Training vest

    Posted by Chris Edmark on 3rd Jan 2021

    Love these vests. Bought another brand that was cheap, but it was not versatile. I put cooked meat in my pockets and you cannot tell after washing. Plenty of room for toys in the back to keep my options open. Phone pocket, heat/cool pockets for those extra warm or cold days. Love it.

  • 5
    Great training vest

    Posted by Reta on 30th Jul 2019

    All the right pockets for toys, treats, etc., this vest is comfortable to wear and perfect for training!

  • 5
    I picked the Navy, as it will go better with all outfits. It is a great material, nice and soft and comfortable to wear. Have not had a chance to wear it in really warm weather yet, but am looking forward to trying it out in the heat. Very happy wit

    Posted by Marsha Yaeger on 16th May 2019

    Love the vest, and everything about it.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2014

    Product is excellent, although I could have used some kind of instructions telling me if I needed to do anything to make product ready to use -- if any.

  • 5
    Best Vest Ever

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jan 2013

    This vest keeps me warm and cozy but is so light weight I don't even know I am wearing it. This is the second one I have purchased. They help keep you cool in the summer too.

  • 5
    Addicted to say the least

    Posted by kate macpherson on 26th Jun 2012

    This is the best piece of clothing that I own. It was a gift to me last Christmas from a friend who purchased it at a dog show.... It comes off to be washed and then, back on again. I wear it under jackets and on top of shirts and sweaters. It keeps me warm, and cool!!! There is something about the material that is comforting when I have it on, as though it is "second skin".....hard to describe. Am about to order the second vest...

  • 5
    Liked more than I thought I would.

    Posted by Nancy Shurts on 21st Apr 2011

    When I bought the vest I thought I would only be wearing during the day. I found I slept better a night with the vest on. I cannot wait to try it in the summer. My dog has had the coat for 3 years It still looks like new. In December I got another coat for my older dog and she just loves it to. I own French Bulldogs and they are hard to fit and keep on. These coats are wonderful for my Frenchies. Thank you

  • 5
    Love It!!

    Posted by Heather Q. on 12th Mar 2011

    I thought that I would let you know how much I love this vest. I bought it at the January Puyallup show. I think I have worn it to work almost everyday since. Originally I bought this vest to help me keep warm at agility class, but soon found myself wearing it to/at work. I tend to be cold all the time, but wearing this has helped me to be more comfortable. I can't wait till summer/fall to try it out for hiking. Thanks a lot.

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