Tracking Vest

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New Tracking Vest !


Designed in collaboration with professional dog trainers, this vest is meant for outdoor training/sports such as tracking, scentwork, hiking, or any activity where you need a variety of pockets for small and large gear.


Gusseted pockets on the front for holding bulky items like dog treats, gloves ,or training articles. An enormous wrap-around pocket with multiple easy-to-access openings for quickly storing tracking articles as you pick them up off the track or large items items like your tracking line and harness, retriever bumpers, chuck-it, water bottle dish, or a full poop bag... all out of the way and securely contained in a waterproof pocket that zips open for easy cleaning .Clips and rings on each lapel for snapping leashes, whistles or other lanyards for quick access.

The innovative lapel design keeps lanyards from dangling down in front of you and tangling. Interior security pockets for ID, wallet, keys and other valuables.

Designed and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest by Zentek Clothing. This vest is made with our signature phase change fabric for keeping you cool when it's hot and warm when its cold. Waterproof for year-round use, this vest can be worn on its own or over your rain gear. Reflective piping for low visibility, and bright "don't shoot me" colors for hiking in the woods.