More Zentek product hacks

Posted by Janice Kajanoff on 8th Jul 2015

This latest heat wave has produced more great uses from our clients.Have a bad burn.. and aloe isn't cutting it? Take the Zentek Cooling mat, wet it( removes any residual heat) and lay over the burn. This removes the heat.Cassie Anderson came up with this after a burn from July 4th weekend. To  maximize the cooling absorbtion of any Zentek product, either wave in the air, wet, or use air flow to remove the heat. I have still been rowing in this heat, but half way through, take off my vest, dip it in Lake washington, and ahhh..between the air flow and water, I am in heaven. I go through these stages, if in a heat situation with my bulldog. Used dry , it will maintain 83F.. so good for colder months. But  in heat, I wet, and add cold packs to her Canine quick Wrap, or Zentek coat.Summer dog shows outside, are often 90+ F. I've also noticed that in the car, she would be hot with the air conditioning on, but not , if I placed a Zentek mat under her.I discovered this, after forgetting her mats in my booth setup.. and she panted all the way home.. with the air conditioning.I like to use the XL mat, for the general, in car,in booth, in hotel room, blankie.It comes in very handy,as the dog hair shakes off the smooth surface, if a human( of course wearing black) rides in a recently used dog car!