Zentek is always leading the pack in innovation.

Posted by J K on 24th May 2013

The summer is here again, and Zentek has added even more innovative products. Six years ago, they developed and patented(# 7,793,619) the first dog coat, that REALLY did not slip in performance activi … read more

Style and cooling

7th Apr 2013

Zentek is the only cooling product that does not look like medical gear. It is lightweight and can be worn even for dressy occasions. They use only the most advanced phase change materials, and eveyth … read more

New Zentek products

9th Jan 2012

More new product from Zentek  for humans. A company that started in 2007 with top tech products for dogs, now is making more human products. Last year it was the first human vest. Now really appr … read more