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Real Safety Vests Consider the Thermo temperature of the worker.

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When we think of safety vests, we usually think of the bright neon colors and reflective stripes. The amount and quality of the striping is regulated by OSHA, in the USA. Here, at Zentek Clothing, we think of the health of the worker wearing the vest. In studying heat in the human body, you have to be amazed at how well designed we are. But if our normal body temperatures of 97.7  F to 99.5  F drop to 95 F, we have hypothermia. On the other side, if our core temperature rises, to100.9 F it is considered hyperthermia. 104 F + is a medical emergency. Long  before this temperature the body heat regulating mechanisms, get overwhelmed and the body core raises dramatically.  This can result in confusion , endangering the worker and those he/she is working with. Our body temperatures vary throughout the day, but only by 1 degree.

The Zentek vests, are equipped with a two layered, heat regulating process. In extreme heat , over 90-100 F the worker can add temperature set cold packs ( 58 F ), and remove them, when the heat emergency is over, then the vest temperature will return to its all season comfortable state.

Zentek Continues Innovative Work with Phase Change Materials

Zentek started with a small niche market in 2007, to see what could be accomplished with phase change technology.Starting with a niche market of professional dog owners, they developed two phase cooling, that is used in all seasons. They emphasized the cooling with the addition of cooling packs for summer months. They still manage to [...]

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Zentek Innovations for Crazy Weather

  September 20, 2013 at 2:34pm We have been working with phase change materials since 2007. The most common place , you find them, is in shipping perishable goods.. such as human organ transplants and medicines.When goods have to be kept in a certain temperature range or they will perish. They are few companies using them in [...]

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How does phase change material really work?

  September 22, 2013 at 8:55am Its ACTUALLY PHYSICS!  When anything changes its crystalline form solid to liquid to gas, energy is used up or released ,just like it takes us energy to walk up stairs. NASA developed it. After their patents ran out ( 30 years).. companies experimented with it and patented their own versions.. something [...]

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Zentek is always leading the pack in innovation.

The summer is here again, and Zentek has added even more innovative products. Six years ago, they developed and patented(# 7,793,619) the first dog coat, that REALLY did not slip in performance activity. It also just happened to take care of the dogs' greatest need.. their inability to regulate temperature.They sold only to the show, [...]

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Style and cooling

Zentek is the only cooling product that does not look like medical gear. It is lightweight and can be worn even for dressy occasions. They use only the most advanced phase change materials, and eveything is machine washable.   They have been exclusive to the professional dog markets, from search and rescue to AKC Show [...]

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Cooling coat

The Zentek cool coat that has been used by the professional dog  handlers and sporting dog owners since 2007., is now selling to pet owners. Beside keeping their dogs from overheating, their use of phase change materials, instead of water, also provides for better blood flow to the extremeties . A phase change material is [...]

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Zentek mats as emergency blankets

More people are using the Zentek mats as emergency blankets in their cars. originally designed for dogs in crates, owners found the benefits of packing a mat to protect children, pets or themselves from the temperature extremes .

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Presidents Day Sale 25% off until 2/19/13

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Zentek expanding to Japan

Zentek is pleased to annouce that Zentek products will now be available in Japan at Dog Agility Events . It is being sold by Atsuko Nagaseki, one of the top agility performers in the country.

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